Renee Lewis was born the daughter of a steelworker in the blue-collar town of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. As steel mills were shuttered, her family had very little. At the age of five, Renee and her family moved in with her Italian immigrant grandmother where she learned old world traditions of responsibility, servitude, and hard work. Attention to detail came naturally to her as she became an expert in hand-made clothing and cooking. Rich in love and poor in worldly wealth, her grandmother's happiness with the simple things in life had a profound influence on the young girl. Her grandmother's dedication to quality is still evident today in Renee's award-winning Italian cooking.


Working her way through college, Renee learned quickly that there was life beyond Pittsburgh. Her studies in art and interior design exposed her to classic international architecture, history, and elegance. Most importantly, she gained a deep understanding that an ideal home must fit the needs of its occupants, and design must follow lifestyle.


As the mother of four beautiful children, Renee understands the hectic challenges that are presented by modern day life. An entrepreneur at heart, Renee's knack for sales, eye for style, and ability to listen have served her interior design and real estate clients well for the last 18 years.


"Many know the recipes of life, but only few go into the kitchen to cook it."

                                                                                                            Bernard Kelvin Clive


Helping clients find the home of their dreams is only the first step of the recipe. Guiding and assisting her clients through the daunting and complex process of the sale is Renee's passion. Just as missing one small step in making Italian bread would likely ruin the results, missing one small step in a real estate transaction can be costly. Clients can confidently rely on Renee and her team of dedicated real estate professionals. Her work ethic, core values, responsiveness, and caring nature are incredibly valuable assets to anyone attempting to buy or sell a home. From Dreaming to Doing - Renee Lewis Real Estate.